The Frank-Dodd Act passed in response to the financial crisis that began in 2007 was overbearing and did not fully address the "Too Big To Fail" problem. It hurt smaller banks and has caused many to sell to larger companies or exit certain businesses such as mortgage lending. Though the Volcker Rule limits proprietary trading by commercial banks, the risk of illiquidity still remains.

Reinstate Glass-Steagall

Completely separate investment and commercial banking. Even with the Volcker Rule limiting proprietary trading exposure the risk of catastrophic events is still present. Complete separation ensures that consumer accounts are fully protected.

Break Up Large Banks

The best way to prevent another "Too Big To Fail" moment is to break up the large banks. This creates more competition in the market which benefits consumers and ensures that the collapse of any one entity will not have overreaching effects on the financial market.

Reduce Regulations

Increased regulation has been detrimental to smaller institutions. Higher costs and stricter rules aimed at larger banks has caused local banks to raise fees for services, exit markets, and sometimes sell to larger concerns. Loosening regulatory constraints on smaller banks increases competition which is beneficial to consumers.


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