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The fact that politicians are able to work the system in order to receive very large contributions from various sources is pretty much an open secret. This creates a huge conflict of interest at the very least and is perhaps blatant bribery at the most. A 2014 study by Princeton University showed that on the whole that the creation of laws benefiting special interest far outnumber those that help the average America which lends credence to the argument of graft. The loop holes that allow this must be closed. It is also essential that candidates make the source of their funds very clear. So called “Nascar” rules should be implemented nationwide. The process of seeking office also needs to be streamlined making it easier for average Americans with good ideas to compete in elections.

Reverse Citizens United

Overtune the 2010 Supreme Court Ruling that has allowed even greater influence of big money. The legislature and president, through executive order, has had this power from the onset but has failed to act because they ultimately benefit. Pressure must be put on politicians to end this practice

Nascar Rule

Information about campaign contributions can be found online but it is a cumbersom process. Those seeking office should be required to clearly advertise who is making contributions to their campaign. Individual donors may need to be shielded for privacy reasons but their employer/group affiliation will be tracked.

Disclose Engagements

Speaking fees and other arrangements are questionable at best and thinly veiled bribes at the worst. Anyone seeking office must disclose and engagements they have had in the last three years. They will be indited if it is found that these engagements have materially influenced policy or voting actions.

Public Review

Before any bill is submitted for a final vote it must be posted online for a minimum of 7 days for review by the public. Once a bill has been submitted for public review it cannot be changed without a subsequent review period for the new version.

Attribute Pork

All earmarks, otherwise know as pork, shall be associated with the legislator(s) who submitted the spending request. This allows for greater transparency of the effects that campaign contributions have on legislation.

Hold Accountable

The public places trust in the elected officials to carry out their duties in an ethical manner. Violation of this trust must be seen as an indictable offense. Any elected official found guilty of an offense will serve a minimum of three years in prison and will be barred from political office for life.


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