Many point to the size of the defense budget as something that is wrong with our country. However, the fact of the matter is that much of the free world depends on our military for protection. However, this does not mean that we should not seek ways to become more efficient and prudent in our operations. Interventions in foreign disputes needs to have more consideration as recent history has shown that our military might alone can stop bloodshed in areas where various factions have no intention of living peacefully. We also need to take better care of our service members when they come home. Major overhauls of the veteran healthcare system are required to make sure that we give our veterans the care they deserve.

Stronger Allies

We must ask more from our allies. We have served as the military umbrella for friendly nations since the beginning of the cold war. Every nation has a responsibility to protect themselves and aide their allies. Our friends need to start shouldering a greater share of defensive endeavors.

Streamline Operations

The needs of defense are constantly changing. We must streamline our programs to ensure that they are agile enough to address ever changing needs. This means we must be more judicious in how we use our forces and the types of investments we make to maintain superiority.

Support Veterans

Veterans deserve the best care possible. This means superior healthcare in a timely manner and support to help them reintegrate into civilian life. Colleges will be required to give credit for experience gained while in service.

Economic Front

A strong economy provides the foundation for a strong defense. Actions must be taken against countries like China who systematically work to undermine our economy. Policy should reflect that certain nations are bad actors that will be the target of new legislation to protect US business.


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