True wealth is only created through industrial production of tangible goods. Measures such as instating a living wage are not the answer as they will still operate in a service based economy which is the true driver of wealth disparity. Incentives must be given to bring manufacturing back to the states. This will provide the type of jobs that could support a family. On top of this, our reliance on China actively enables a country that is likely unfriendly to the United States to exist as a totalitarian state. Infrastructure decay is something that both needs to be addressed and could provide good jobs.

Reduce Taxes

Reduce taxes for both small businesses and large corporations. The end goal is to make sure that no business pays more than 15% income tax along with reductions in payroll taxes. Domestic manufacturing operations will have a further reduced tax rate.

Improve Infrastructure

Maintenance of our infrastructure is critical to business health. Projects to improve infrastructure provides jobs and ensures that the businesses of today and tomorrow have a transportation network conducive to commerce.

Challenge China

China systematically targets our businesses. Both corporate espionage and currency manipulation must be address with policy. Creating incentives to reshore manufacturing we will strengthen our economy by reducing China's influence and creating production jobs with good pay.


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