We only have one planet and we must be good stewards to ensure that conservation and preservation of the environment we live in is a priority. Climate change will have very real effects on the human race as the years pass. While dangerous, this presents opportunity for new industries, supporting the kind of jobs that create a robust middle class. While we pursue the development of sustainable, clean energy production we must ensure that fuels used today are handled in a responsible manner. The proliferation of natural gas production for instance does not have to abide by the Clean Air and Water Act which means that the true price of that energy source is much higher than market prices today. There is also wide evidence to suggest that current extraction methods lead to ground water contamination. This loophole needs to be closed. We must remember that the requirement for life are: Air, Water, Food, then everything else and act accordingly.


Maintain the opinion that the order of priorities is air, water, food everything else. Balance the needs of society with the preservation of natural resources without the delay of overreaching impact studies.

Repeal Fracking Exemptions

Natural gas production, done mainly through fracking, is currently exempted from Clean Air and Water regulations that other energy producers must adhere to. The natural gas industry must be brought in line to both ensure safety and prevent an inefficient allocation of resources fueled by artificially low prices.

Embrace Clean Energy

Clean, renewable energy is something to embrace regardless of your stance on climate change. While it requires an initial investment, the potential of large cost savings and new jobs creates a strong incentive to foster and industrialize new technologies.


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