Most of the crime in our nation is related to minor possession or turf battles over areas to sell drugs. The prohibition on various substances, which in principle are no different than alcohol, create an environment where there is great profit potential in the trade and distribution of narcotics. The drug war has failed, costing billions of dollars while do nothing to control access or prevent violence associated with the drug trade. Most alarming of all, entities which make a profit from the incarceration of individuals routinely contribute to candidates who take a tough on crime stance which creates the great moral hazard of creating incentives to place as many people behind bars as possible. Decriminalization and possible creation of a dispensary network should be pursued. A properly regulated system would reduce abuse, lessen crime, and serve as a source of tax revenue as the trade or narcotics, which will likely never be stopped, is brought out of a black market. The practice of prison for profit must also be banned as no one should profit from taking another person’s

Decriminalize Possession

Enact a nationwide decriminalization of minor possession of all narcotics in favor of treatment programs. Those arrested would undergo a supervised sobriety program with random drug tests. Successful completion will only be granted after 16 weeks of clean tests.

Prepare Release of Nonviolent Offenders

Review case histories of nonviolent prisoners to assess the best candidates for release. Job and transition training would begin 3-6 months prior to release to facilitate a successful transition to becoming a productive citizen. Any felonies on record would be reduced to a misdemeanor to aide in job placement.

Breaking The Cycle

High recidivism rates are a result of poor prospects of employment upon release. Lack of a resume can be addressed while tackling another pressing issue; a crumbling infrastructure. The Turner plan outlined below details how the two issues can be simultaneously handled.


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