Our country was founded by immigrants and the constant influx of new cultures and ideas has made us the greatest nation on earth. Our diversity exists in harmony because of the unity in the pursuit of opportunity. Some say we have a problem with illegals while others use the term "undocumented" for political gain. The simple truth in the matter is that we have people who both broke the law but are generally hard working and just looking to make a better future. We cannot deport them as some advocate and we also cannot segregate from society. We need to bring them into the fold while improving the future enforcement of our laws.

FInal Amnesty

Provide 6 month grace period for those in the country illegally to declare themselves and begin the path to citizenship. Finger prints and DNA samples will be collected so that criminals can be identified, deported, or face trial.

Zero Tolerance

Institute a zero tolerance policy. Anyone found to be in the country illegally will be promptly deported. Sanctuary cities will be banned and any municipality that violates this policy will have federal funding revoked.

Stop Visa Overstays

Prevent people from overstaying their visas. Visa overstays account for up to 40% of illegal immigrants and have been used by terrorists to carry out attacks. Strict enforcement will reduce both foreign threats and anchor babies.

Improve Border Security

Create a virtual fence along southern border using drones and other surveillance assets. Establish firebases every 20-50 miles staffed by both border agents and army personnel to intercept trespassers identified by surveilance.

Establish Points Of Entry

Create Ellis Island style points of entry and streamline citizenship application process. This will aide in facilitating legal entrance.


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