State regulation of various industries is a double edged sword. Created to protect people from various harms was often the rational at inception. However, as their reach grew they became conduits for large organizations to stifle completion and control policy for their benefit. Prudent deregulation to remedy the aforementioned statement while still ensuring consumer protect should be carried out.

Freeze Regulation

Freeze the passage of all new regulation so that existing regulation can be reviewed for efficacy, impact on competition, and redundancy.

Repeal Regulation

Repeal regulation that has an adverse affect on business, especially competition. Ensure that consumer protection is upheld while fostering an environment that is conducive to the growth and establishment of new businesses.

Foster Competition

Ensure that regulatory framework fosters competition. Any new regulation must enhance competition rather than quash it. Review industries such as banking, pharmaceutical, and media to determine if large concerns should be brought under anti-trust review.


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