Air, WATER, Food = The Absolute Necessities of Life

This is an issue that may seem strictly Californian but it happens to be something that the entire nation will need to address as time passes. After air, water is the most critical resource required to sustain our life. The agricultural areas of the US are dependent on a steady supply of clean water, something that is becoming increasingly scarce in the California farmland as farmers must constantly drill new wells in search of water to offset that which has been lost to drought. Changing climate patterns will affect the entire country in time requiring more attention to matching the supply of water with demand.

Water security is about quality as well as supply. It is not uncommon for waterways to be contaminated by industrial and consumer activity. Care must be taken to reduce the amount of pollution entering our waterways. Without such measures, we will find ourselves facing large-scale health endangerment and expensive clean-up or restoration of water supplies.

Rebuild Infrastructure

Leakage from old municipal pipes constitutes a signifigant portion of water usage - 16% of California's total water consumption. Aging and corroded pipes need to be replaced and represent shovel ready projects. Build new water transport infrastructure based on new weather patterns to ensure that water sensitive areas such as farmland is well supplied.

Improve Catchment

Proper application of the use of resevoirs and new methods to collect water during wet weather. By following the models of Australia, Israel, and other desert countries we can capture and store more water rendering us less sensitive to lack of rain.

Protect Water Supplies

Ensure the safety from contamination of watersheds nationwide. Increase oversight and enforcement efforts to prevent new contamination while identifying and addressing current pollution.


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