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On Failure and Discipline

#72DWC #Failure #Growth #Recovery #Discipline #Share I failed yesterday. The goal of this challenge was to write once a day for 72 days and it only took 2 days to lose this discipline. I could say there was a good reason, I was sick, but this isn’t good enough. I get sick very rarely, so when I do, I generally give myself permission to really be sick. I spent the day in bed, taking Zicam, and generally trying to rest up because I have a grind the rest of the weekend. I could

Facing The Truth

#Truth #72DWC #ChangeYourStory #Growth #Recovery #Shareand Day Two Of The 72 Day Writing Challenge I was having a smoke last night and thinking about what I would write about to today when it hit me,” Oh fuck. People are reading this and I’m not sure how much I want to share,” There was a moment of fear about what I was getting myself into. But then I remember how being honest is one of the best ways to improve in life and I decided that I would be candid and vulnerable. I’m

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