Hi, I'm Danny

I'm changing my story to show others that they can change theirs.

You can be a bartender your whole life, and there is nothing wroing with that, but you will never be satisfied

-Kristie T. aka Mom

I've been a chronic underachiever. I've been tending bar at a private club for the last 2 years after a few years working in Silicon Valley and a political run in 2016. One member introduced me to a friend as the 'smartest underachiever I've ever met.' This hurt but it is true. While I'm not doing as bad as I could be, having overcome the challenge of Dual Diagnosis, but I want to to better. I'm starting from scratch to build a tribe who will encourage me to pursue long standing dreams and chase some crazy/good ideas. I know I can change my story, and by sharing it with the world, hopefully inspire others to find the courage to change their story for the better as well. 

Join Me.


Current Projects

72 Day WC

Kicking off my blog with 72 days

of consecutive posts.

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